søndag 17. oktober 2010

Bærekraftig babytøy

Det amerikanske magasinet pregnancy & newborn skriver om babyklærne fra Babysoy. Ikke ubegrunnet, klærne er praktiske i bruk, myke å ha på, har egenskaper som er sunne for ditt barns hud og ikke minst rimelige priser sammenlignet med lignende produsenter.

Hvorfor velge klær fra Babysoy:

Using simple and fresh designs, babysoy has created a sustainable and modern baby wardrobe for eco-babies without sacrificing comfort or style. Most of all, it is made with nature's own ingredient - soybean protein fiber. It is about recyle, reduce and reuse soybean pulp to create baby's first wardrobe.

Soybean Fiber: Soybean protein fiber is a sustainable and botanical textile fiber made from renewable and biodegradable natural resources - the leftover soybean pulp from tofu and soymilk production. Its 16 amino acids are healthy and nutritional for our skin. It is a green textile fiber that possesses the superiorities of many natural and synthesized fibers.

From Soy to Fiber: 1. Proteins are extracted from the leftover materials of tofu or soymilk production. 2. Protein liquids are forced through a device resembling a showerhead, called a spinneret, to make liquid soy. This is called wet-spinning. 3. Liquid soy is solidified to make soybean protein fiber. After protein is extracted from the leftover soybean pulp, it can be used as fertilizer. All substances used in the production of soybean protein fiber are of a harmless nature (thus can be used as fertilizer).

Benefits of Soy: Soybean fiber is a soft, light, and smooth protein fiber. It is smoother than cashmere and has the same moisture absorption as cotton but with a better moisture transmission, making it more comfortable on the skin. It is hydroscopic, air pervious, soft, smooth, dry and has superior warmth retention that’s comparable to wool.

Non-GMO Beans: All soybeans are non-GMO (genetically modified organism) beans. Non-GMO soybeans cannot be treated or exposed to chemical pesticides during storage.

Soy Fiber + Cotton: We combine the benefits of soybean protein fiber to cotton such as luster, moisture-permeability, quick-dry abiliy and drape while keeping our cost and your price reasonable and affordable. This is so that more parents can join in on the green movement and more babies can benefit from the healthy botanical textile fiber. In addition, soybean fiber is so soft that it needs a longer length fiber to build a structure for the super soft textile.

Type of Cotton: Babysoy uses long-staple cotton also known as Sea-Island cotton from Xinjiang, China. Xinjiang's environment and climate pattern is ideal for cotton production partly due to its scarcity of pests in the region, which keeps down pesticides usage.

Helping Our Environment: Babysoy’s baby and tots line are sustainable and eco-friendly. This is because soybean fiber is a textile that is made from recycled material and it does not add any extra burden to mother nature.

Snaps + Zippers: All snaps and zippers are made by world-renowened YKK and are nickel-free, making dressing-time safe and easy.

Fairly Made: Babysoy puts endless efforts in offering parents an eco-friendly and affordable layettes line made by artisans who are fairly-treated in a safe working environment. Co-founders personally conducts unannounced factory inspection at least 4 times a year.

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